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I just sent out the invite for Frive in December.

I cancelled last years December event because it was on New Years Eve, but this year Frive falls on the 30th, so it’s all systems go!

I also didn’t run the last scheduled Frive event. There should have been one in September, but on account of me having been in hospital just prior, I decided not to run the event. I needed my recovery time.

So I’m overdue for a bit of dungeon crawl action.

I’ve updated the calendar with next years dates as well.



No, not character stats.

I just looked at the google analytics stats from this site. It seems most of our traffic comes from Bing. Hardly any from Google.

Not sure why. I tried typing “Frive” into both search engines. In both cases it tried to autocorrect the name (to “drive” in Bings case, and “friv” in Googles case). But after confirming that I did indeed mean what I typed, Bing actually found this site. After scrolling through several pages of Google search results, I still couldn’t find this site.


6 weeks to go…

6 weeks to go till the next Frive event 🙂

Still undecided on the game du jour. We could play Runebound again. Or I have Carcasone, like new, only played once. Other suggestions are Magic The Gathering, or I could look at running a Super Heroes type RPG.

I’d like to run a D&D Encounters game, but from what I can figure out from the web site, it’s only available to game stores, not to the general public. I’m going to try emailing WoTC to clarify, but not going to hold my breath. It took me 7 attempts to create an account on their site just so I could email them a question about it. Anyone who puts a captcha that hostile on their site clearly doesn’t take kindly to being asked questions 😉

Please email or comment your suggestion 🙂

Post Mortem

I’m calling last night a success. A modest one, with only 3 people, but a success for our first ever Frive event.

We played Runebound, which was awesome. Andrew had some bad luck at the start of the game which set him back for a while. My beginners luck looked like it would win me the game, but Andrew came back strong and once we worked out that hanging around the cities to get more allies and items was a good thing, we all started kicking some major monster butt.

The game finished up at about 3.30am (it’s been a long time since I’ve seen 3am), but that was okay. My wife had to work today, which left me looking after the kids, but she was kind enough to feed them breakfast and turn the TV on before leaving (I have only fuzzy recollections of her saying goodbye). Eventually the kids came and stole my doona and that was it for sleep. Some coffee and cold pizza for breakfast and I was ready to go.

I’m already looking forward to the next Frive event in three months: Friday 30th July. I’m hoping to at least double the attendance, so feel free to spread the word. And don’t forget to sign up to the (all new) news letter (if you aren’t already on the list). I have a link to the form on the Mailing List page.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for venues. If we can get more people, we may even get two or more different games running at once.