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In our last Frive night (last week), we played Settlers of Catan and Terraforming Mars.

I think I’ve played Catan once before, and I need to play it a few more times to get good at it. I was clearly playing with people who knew it much better than I did because they all rushed directly to the finish line while I was still figuring out what bricks and sheep were good for. Still a fun game.

Terraforming Mars takes strategy to a whole other level. I think I’ve played this one three times before and this was the first time I managed to get some decent tiles out on the board. Once again, my lack of experience with this game showed when everyone else finished with roughly double the victory points I did, but I still enjoyed it.

Next Frive night is in August.

Frive and a half

Frive in December was a quiet affair, but we enjoyed Carcasone and Magic 🙂

I’m looking forward to playing a game of the Dresden File RPG in the next Frive, which I think is in March. The Dresden Files game looks fun, although I haven’t read through all the rules yet. I got distracted by doing some background research reading the novels it’s based on. I discovered Fudge Dice, which the Dresden games uses. I’d never heard of these things before. I’ll have to add the to my online dice roller.

In other news, my kids have been enjoying playing games like Magic, Pokemon, Kids RPG, Carcasone, and various other games. They have been enjoying them enough that my wife suggested I start running game sessions for kids. So keep an eye out for announcements for upcoming Frive And A Half events for the smaller gamers. I’ll start a separate newsletter for those events.

July Frive

Wow. Has it really been 6 months since I posted anything?

I guess life kind of got in the way. We moved house, then … stuff. You know. Life stuff.

It’s ironic that I started setting up these gaming events specifically so that I didn’t have to make a heavy, regular time commitment and would be able to fit the occasional gaming session in around life stuff. And here I am, making excuses for myself “because life got in the way” 😉

Well no more!

The next Frive session is going ahead, even if I do have to sit at the gaming table all by myself, taking turns, trying to outwit myself.

The 29th of July is the next session. Check out this web version of the email I sent out to the mailing list…
What mailing list? This mailing list.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a game of Munchkin Quest. It looks like awesome fun.

December Frive

Since the next Frive event would fall on New Years Eve (the fifth Friday in December), I say we call it off. I’m sure we all have other things to do on that night. For me, that tradition seems to have become sitting by myself (because the rest of the family has fallen asleep) and drinking beer while watching the fire works from my driveway.

I have posted the dates for next years Frives on the google calendar.

The next one is April 29.

So until then, I wish you a Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope Santa brings games!


It’s Halloween this week.
It’s also Frive this week.
Happy Frive-o-ween.

We skipped the last Frive. No takers. This weeks event is looking slim as well, but even if only two of us show up, it’s enough for a game or two of Magic: The Gathering. Been a long time since I played that. Looking forward to it.