Frive is a table top gaming event held on the fifth Friday of any month. Friday + Five = Frive. Get it? Ok. Not so funny, but the domain name was available.

Not every month has a fifth Friday, so this is a neat way of have periodic events. It seems to come around 3 or 4 times a year.

I used to love gaming and spent every weekend with an awesome bunch of gamers who taught me a lot about RPGs. But as time went on, my life got busier and I just counldn’t commit to regular games any more. After a while, I was no longer gaming at all. Then a friend of mine started running a game online. Old fashioned table top gaming, but run online, so people in different places (different cities, even different countries) could still play. This revived my interest in gaming, and I wanted more!

So I came up with Frive. It’s a way to run games (Anything: table top RPG, or board games, or trading card games) on a semi regular basis. It’s enough for me to get my gaming fix, while not being too much work.

Check out the Upcoming page for “Frive” dates.