Frive ’13

Welcome to Frive, ’13!

Happy new year.

Okay, so it’s half way through Feb, but Chinese New Year was only a week ago, so it still counts.

We had a great time last Frive (in November) playing Christmassy games. Zombie Dice (with the Christmas expansion), Munchkin (with Christmas expansion), and … hmm … I’m sure there was something else but I can’t remember what it was. I think we had a quick round of Cthulu Dice, although we didn’t have a Christmas expansion for that. (I just realised that they were all Steve Jackson games. Corporate sponsorship?)

Munchkin was fun. I’ve only played Munchkin Quest before and playing the original game actually helped me understand how Quest works.

I’ve been neglecting the blog; I haven’t posted there in just over a year. I had some trouble with the blog getting hacked (damn shared hosting), but I got that sorted out and I don’t get that annoying warning from the browser about it anymore. I still need to restore the theme, or better yet, design a new one. The dates for the upcoming events are still being posted on the blog …
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(Hint: I post to the mailing list more frequently than I post to the blog)

The next Frive (the first one for 2013) is in 6 weeks, on March 29.

I was given an expansion pack for Carcasone for Christmass, and I recently picked up a new game (Anomia), so perhaps we could give those a spin.

May the dice be forever in your favour.