Frive and a half

Frive in December was a quiet affair, but we enjoyed Carcasone and Magic ūüôā

I’m looking forward to playing a game of the Dresden File RPG in the next Frive, which I think is in March. The Dresden Files game looks fun, although I haven’t read through all the rules yet. I got distracted by doing some background research reading the novels it’s based on.¬†I discovered Fudge Dice, which the Dresden games uses. I’d never heard of these things before. I’ll have to add the to my online dice roller.

In other news, my kids have been enjoying playing games like Magic, Pokemon, Kids RPG, Carcasone, and various other games. They have been enjoying them enough that my wife suggested I start running game sessions for kids. So keep an eye out for¬†announcements¬†for¬†upcoming¬†Frive And A Half events for the smaller gamers. I’ll start a¬†separate¬†newsletter for those events.