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July Frive Wrap

July Frive was great!

We played Munchkin Quest last night and it was awesome fun. Not sure if we were playing it quite right. The backstabbing side of things just seemed a guaranteed way to make sure nobody won. In the end, a little cooperation was the key, and we actually managed to get to the end of the game by about midnight. I think the “3 hours per game” advice on the box is a little optomistic. More like 4+ hours. Mind you, it was our first time playing and it probably took us nearly an hour to complete the first round while we got the hang of the rules. We got a bit faster after that 🙂

Particularly nasty was one critter that came onto the board which gave every undead creature +5. There were a lot of undead creatures on the board at that point. We all did a lot of running away.

One rule we struggled to understand was the monster move phase at the end of each players turn. So far as we could tell, the rules say that all monsters moved at the end of each players turn. But we had several rooms that had multiple monsters in and the movement rule, as far as we understood it, meant that they would always move together as a formidable group through the dungeon. We resolved this by saying that only the monsters with the current players colour base moves in that players turn. Perhaps this is what the rules intend. But it didn’t seem clear to us.

I originaly picked up Munchkin Quest on a recomendation I read online saying it was agreat kids game. Having tried to play it with my kids (6 and 7 years old), I can say it’s way too complicated for young-uns. But we sure enjoyed it last night.

Looking forward to the next Frive in September.

July Frive

Wow. Has it really been 6 months since I posted anything?

I guess life kind of got in the way. We moved house, then … stuff. You know. Life stuff.

It’s ironic that I started setting up these gaming events specifically so that I didn’t have to make a heavy, regular time commitment and would be able to fit the occasional gaming session in around life stuff. And here I am, making excuses for myself “because life got in the way” 😉

Well no more!

The next Frive session is going ahead, even if I do have to sit at the gaming table all by myself, taking turns, trying to outwit myself.

The 29th of July is the next session. Check out this web version of the email I sent out to the mailing list…
What mailing list? This mailing list.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a game of Munchkin Quest. It looks like awesome fun.