Monthly Archives: June 2010

6 weeks to go…

6 weeks to go till the next Frive event 🙂

Still undecided on the game du jour. We could play Runebound again. Or I have Carcasone, like new, only played once. Other suggestions are Magic The Gathering, or I could look at running a Super Heroes type RPG.

I’d like to run a D&D Encounters game, but from what I can figure out from the web site, it’s only available to game stores, not to the general public. I’m going to try emailing WoTC to clarify, but not going to hold my breath. It took me 7 attempts to create an account on their site just so I could email them a question about it. Anyone who puts a captcha that hostile on their site clearly doesn’t take kindly to being asked questions 😉

Please email or comment your suggestion 🙂