Yes, I’m slack.

In my defense, I’m pretty sure nobody actually reads this page šŸ˜‰

I think I’ll look into hooking this page up with mail chimp. Since I still use the mailing list to send reminders about upcoming sessions, I should be able to use this page to draft those reminders. That kills two birds with one stone.

Our last session (November 29) was a blast. Well attended and people brought some great games. I had never played Fluxx before and it was great. Plenty of deviousness at play. Lords of Waterdeep was also fun, although I’m sure it would be even more fun a second time around, now that I got my head around the rules.

Frive ’13

Welcome to Frive, ’13!

Happy new year.

Okay, so it’s half way through Feb, but Chinese New Year was only a week ago, so it still counts.

We had a great time last Frive (in November) playing Christmassy games. Zombie Dice (with the Christmas expansion), Munchkin (with Christmas expansion), and … hmm … I’m sure there was something else but I can’t remember what it was. I think we had a quick round of Cthulu Dice, although we didn’t have a Christmas expansion for that. (I just realised that they were all Steve Jackson games. Corporate sponsorship?)

Munchkin was fun. I’ve only played Munchkin Quest before and playing the original game actually helped me understand how Quest works.

I’ve been neglecting the blog; I haven’t posted there in just over a year. I had some trouble with the blog getting hacked (damn shared hosting), but I got that sorted out and I don’t get that annoying warning from the browser about it anymore. I still need to restore the theme, or better yet, design a new one. The dates for the upcoming events are still being posted on the blog …
And don’t forget you can subscribe to the mailing list here…
(Hint: I post to the mailing list more frequently than I post to the blog)

The next Frive (the first one for 2013) is in 6 weeks, on March 29.

I was given an expansion pack for Carcasone for Christmass, and I recently picked up a new game (Anomia), so perhaps we could give those a spin.

May the dice be forever in your favour.

Frive and a half

Frive in December was a quiet affair, but we enjoyed Carcasone and Magic šŸ™‚

I’m looking forward to playing a game of the Dresden File RPG in the next Frive, which I think is in March. The Dresden Files game looks fun, although I haven’t read through all the rules yet. I got distracted by doing some background research reading the novels it’s based on.Ā I discovered Fudge Dice, which the Dresden games uses. I’d never heard of these things before. I’ll have to add the to my online dice roller.

In other news, my kids have been enjoying playing games like Magic, Pokemon, Kids RPG, Carcasone, and various other games. They have been enjoying them enough that my wife suggested I start running game sessions for kids. So keep an eye out forĀ announcementsĀ forĀ upcomingĀ Frive And A Half events for the smaller gamers. I’ll start aĀ separateĀ newsletter for those events.


I just sent out the invite for Frive in December.

I cancelled last years December event because it was on New Years Eve, but this year Frive falls on the 30th, so it’s all systems go!

I also didn’t run the last scheduled Frive event. There should have been one in September, but on account of me having been in hospital just prior, I decided not to run the event. I needed my recovery time.

So I’m overdue for a bit of dungeon crawl action.

I’ve updated the calendar with next years dates as well.